Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

[Amarelo Manga] - Juliana Blouse & Pants - Summer Collection

Today I bring you Amarelo Manga's Juliana Pants and Blouse.

These two pieces are sold separately and they are from the latest collection.

Styling Card:

Amarelo Manga_ Juliana Blouse (Yellow)
Amarelo Manga_ Juliana Pants (Yellow)

Amarelo Manga_ Crocodile bag
Tara_ Glamorous Shoes 
Exile_ Fade into You

DS _ Gold Eyeliner
a.e.meth_ New Year's Love Eyeshadow in navy
MONs_ lipstick dominant red
Redgrave_ Eyelashes 31 Extralong
Synthetique _ ultimate french series nails

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