Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lyrical B!zarre - Alter MESH C/M - Fiera Spring Fashion Fair exclusive

And my last post, featuring Lyrical B!zarre. 
This is another exclusive for the Fiera Spring Fashion Fair. The name of this ensemble is "Alter" and comes with 2 skirts (one is an add-on), top, hat and bracelets.
It is a beautiful outfit and has this pretty details in the bottom of the long skirt. <3

I take this opportunity to say that all the designers that joined this fair were just FABULOUS!!! Unfortunately, I dont have the finantial resorces to buy at least one exclusive from each one of the designers, but I was there and I was amazed by their creativity and inspiration. 
So, a bit thank to them for making our SL so beautiful and inspiring. <3
AND a big THANK YOU to Loredana, the mesh designer and owner of Lyrical B!zarre for sending me and offering me the Fair exclusives. As well as a BIG THANK YOU to Warm, Ghee designer, and Beatrice, for sending me "Vivid Garden" gown and "B&W shimmer bloom" hat.<3

Limo for SAVIAD Fiera Spring Fashion Fair

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