Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Finesmith . Hamara Set

On this post, I bring you one of the sets specially created for the Finesmith Muse 2014 competition: Hamara set, created for Hamara Galtier, one of the models on this competition.
The Finesmith Muse 2014 final is coming on July 5th 2014 and on the end, will be hard to decide from:
Nayomi Gartner
Hamara Galtier
Dalis Juran 
Jamee Sandalwood
Tyra Eiren
Roxaane fyanucci
Anigma Eulenberg
Winter Zhulovsky
WreNnoir Cerise
Bodza Mubble 
Memole Giha 
Flora Raven

This event is cover for SCALA.

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