Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Charltina's - ChocDot

Followers of fashion will love this one side shoulder dress named "Choc Dot" by Charltina's.

This amazing dot patterned dress, is another fantastic creation of this very talented designer. This asymetric mesh dress surrounds perfectly my shape without hems, edges or borders and it goes smooth with all my movements without showing skin through the fantastic brown dotted fabric. 
At the top, I wear the beautifull scarf that comes with the dress and the superb "Lata Mem" hairstyle by LD, giving me a very sophisticated look. At the bottom, I wear the "Dotted Black Stockings", also by Charltina's and part of Circles of Illusion dress, and the beautiful "Pantone Pumps" in honey by LD.
I combined the fantastic "Irwin Pantone Satchel in honey" by LD with this gorgeous creation and also the colourful "Desert winds bracelets" by Finesmith and "Strings" earrings by Ava-Tare. 
I finish this look with a very polish and sparkling makeup, using "Shiny Stare Makeups - Brown" by Blush and "Lipstick 01/ 02" by Ricielli, "Extralong" eyelashes by Redgrave and the perfect manicure with "Milky way rings and nails in sun gold" by Mandala.

LM to Charltina's

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