Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Charltina's - Circles of Illusions

Am I an Illusion or am I for real? 

Beautiful retro inspired "Circles of Illusion" dress by Charltina's.

Short, sassy and with a beautiful retro pattern, this sleeveless chiffon cocktail dress draws all our attention. At the top, I wear a stylish round hat with a metalic jewel and a feather, combined with "Briton College" hair by Vanity Hair, giving me a very chic look.
But "Circles of Illusion" gives you a lot of choices. You can wear the dress alone with a purse and create a more casual or formal look, or you can create this fabulous dramatic chic look. I combined the magnificent cocktail dress and hat with the amazing "Makeup 03" by ChicZafari, beautiful lipstick "Big Sexy Lips Red" by Oceane and "Luscious" eyelashes by Redgrave.
I finish this fantastic look with a very simple but pretty pair of bracelets "Kos Set Gold" by Glow, a superb manicure by Finesmith "Acid Nail Red" and with the very feminine "Stylus Platform XtremeHeel Black" heels by N-Core.

LM to Charltina's

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