Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lacene by Liv-Glam

Lacene by Liv-Glam, on the Fifty 5 section!!!

Beautiful and very sophisticated and feminine emsemble by the amazing designer, Samantha Jones.
It comes with a mesh short jacket with a beautiful pattern, a very sexy top and very elegant mesh pants in black.
It is absolutely feminine and chic and you can style it in many many ways. Try a white or orange clutch, some blue or gold heels and you have a diferent look with the same emsemble!!! Just have fun with it! And be Glam!!!! ;)

Enjoy it!!!

Zurie II by Liv-Glam

Zurie II by Liv-Glam in the Secret Wednesday for 49L.

Gorgeous emsemble with mesh pants, top and mesh jacket. I styled it with gold and honey tones, but you also can use some orange, tangerine and light green tones if you like. I think they will look amazing with the green and olive tones of this outfit.

Go to Liv-Glam and get it till it's still there!!!!

Viva skin by InMonster

Yes, ladies, another skin by Inmonster!

Another beautiful skin by this fabulous designer.
As Mell skin, it also comes in 3 tones.

Enjoy it!!!

Mell Skin by InMonster

Yes, yes ladies! InMonster has now skins!

This skin is called Mell and comes in 3 tones, for every taste!

Enjoy it!!!!

Dell dress by Inmonster

It is beautiful, elegant, feminine, sexy, sophisticated, extravagant! I just love it!

This is one of the lastest creations by Inmonster. It comes in 6 colours, that I tried to be visible in my picture. Comes in black, emerald, fuchsia, red, salmon and white. All colours come with a skirt attachment in the same colour as the rest of dress and the black fur shoulder pads are the same for every colour (black).

An addition to your wardrobes, ladies!!!!! XD