Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finesmith - IRIS

And another new release by Yula Finesmith. This time body jewels to make us even more beautiful!
IRIS set comes with diferent pieces, like an headpiece, a bracelet, a chest piece and also some to cover specific parts of our body... hehehehe And it is so so beautiful!!

Im totally in love with it. I love the idea to change everything in it and I mean the colours, of course. We can change the gems colour, the flower colours and also the beads colour, which gives us the opportunity to created diferent looks and to mix&match this set with clothes.

Finesmith - MIDBAR

On this post I bring you one of the latest releases by Finesmith. It is called MIDBARD and this set comes with necklace, earrings, bracelet and ring. Like most of the sets, it is resizable, has bright control and the gems and metal colour is changeble also.
The dress Im wearing is from WAYNE, that I take also the opportunity to blog. It is a mid long asymmetrical dress and it is available at the Marketplace.

Finesmith - Astral for The Monochromatic Fair

The Monochromatic Fair started on the 18th April and it will last till May 2nd.
The idea is manipulate colors to get unique different color effects. Among them is the chromatic effect, that corresponds to the tonal variations of one colour.

For this event, Yula Finesmith created Astral. a beautiful mesh dress with a fantastic colour, an exquisite hat and chest jewels that Im sure you dont wanna miss.

Friday, April 25, 2014

MUA - Minions for Slink Nails (hands and feet)

MINIONS!!!! hehehehe
This new release by MUA couldn't be more fun and cute! I just love it!!!! 
Dont you just love the colours and the minions' expressions? hehehe

You really must have it!!!

Go grab it at the Mainstore!

MUA - Nini Makeup Set - The Cosmetic Fair (continuation)

Another exclusive by MUA for The Cosmetic Fair:

NINI makeup set
Eyeshadow and lipstick on separate layer or together

Hair by Taketomi

MUA - Nice for Slink Nails - The Cosmetic Fair (continuation)

As I told on the first blog post of today, Im going to blog several items by MUA and here is another one.
Another exclusive for The Cosmetic Fair and even if I like them all, I took pics of my favorite patterns on the set.

Dont you just love them?

NICE (for hands and feet)

Hurry up and go get this fabulous set at The Cosmetic Fair!

Finesmith - Spirit for Fashion for K.I.D.S

Im a bit late with this  blog post, but wanted to blog this amazing dress anyway and talk a bit why it was created for.
Recently, there was a fabulous event called Fashion For K.I.D.S (April 14th till the 24th) and like always, Finesmith supported this beautiful cause. Fashion For K.I.D.S was a lonk week charity event and K.I.D.S help children in some delicate situations, like, homelessness and domestic violence.
This amazing event donated 97% of the donations to this cause.

So, for this event Finesmith created "Spirit", this fabulous dress with on the side big black flowers and an amazing hat decorated with flowers and beads.

Once again, sorry for being a bit late, but I hope you enjoy.

MUA - Beyou for Slink Nails - Cosmetic Fair

Today I decided to blog some of the latest releases by MUA, so, Im going to blog several items.

I start with BEYOU (for hands and feet), another fabulous set of nail art that you dont want to miss.

This set, and some other that Im going to blog, are available at The Cosmetic Fair and you only have till April 30th to get it.