Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

InMonster + In-Pose

Fabulous, fabulous "Isabella Dress" BY InMonster. Perfect for this Halloween, to a party or ball. You can play with other acessories and create a more dramatic or scary look. The skirt fabric is  absolutetly gorgeous and I love the waist details, with black roses and a skull in the front. The outfit also comes with a beautiful bow collar. This designer is absolutely talented and I look forward to see her new creations!!! 

And beautiful pose "Serenity 6" by In-Pose (custom pose set), done by the fantastic pose creator and person, that is Trinity Graves, my mentor and adored friend. She provides an excellent service to her costumers and she does customized poses to complete your look and to fit perfectly your outfits. Visit her store to see her fabulous poses!



Ballon Hair - Lenore's Sorrow BY Pididdle

Mesh open Toe Pumps BY Cysleek

Enigma bracelets BY LOULOU&CO

October Gift - Female - Freddy's Date BY Madrid Solo

Pididdle polish - Lenore's Anger BY Pididdle

Friday, October 26, 2012

Charltina's - Pumpkin Spice

Creepy and delicious treats for little ghouls and boys, but for the ladies, nothing better than this amazing creation named "Pumpkin Spice" by Charltina's to celebrate 2012 Halloween.

This fabulous gown, flatters my figure to the max with the sleeveless top and with the form fitting, which I complemented with the superb "Adora in red" hairstyle by Sugarsmack, beautifull necklace and earring "String" set by Ava-tare and "cuffs in gold" by Erractic.
This fantastic gown has a "mermaid" type design skirt that flares out just below the knee to the floor and ends with a beautiful feminine trail that follows my every move.
I finish this perfect look for a Halloween party or ball with a discrete nailpolish "Pearl" by Alaskametro, beautiful "Gold Eyes" night makeup and "Lipstick 01/ 09" both by Ricielli, "Luscious" eyelashes by Redgrave and the very feminine "Gold Lame" heels by AL (Affordable Living) for a perfect walk.

LM to Charltina's

Charltina's - ChocDot

Followers of fashion will love this one side shoulder dress named "Choc Dot" by Charltina's.

This amazing dot patterned dress, is another fantastic creation of this very talented designer. This asymetric mesh dress surrounds perfectly my shape without hems, edges or borders and it goes smooth with all my movements without showing skin through the fantastic brown dotted fabric. 
At the top, I wear the beautifull scarf that comes with the dress and the superb "Lata Mem" hairstyle by LD, giving me a very sophisticated look. At the bottom, I wear the "Dotted Black Stockings", also by Charltina's and part of Circles of Illusion dress, and the beautiful "Pantone Pumps" in honey by LD.
I combined the fantastic "Irwin Pantone Satchel in honey" by LD with this gorgeous creation and also the colourful "Desert winds bracelets" by Finesmith and "Strings" earrings by Ava-Tare. 
I finish this look with a very polish and sparkling makeup, using "Shiny Stare Makeups - Brown" by Blush and "Lipstick 01/ 02" by Ricielli, "Extralong" eyelashes by Redgrave and the perfect manicure with "Milky way rings and nails in sun gold" by Mandala.

LM to Charltina's

Charltina's - Circles of Illusions

Am I an Illusion or am I for real? 

Beautiful retro inspired "Circles of Illusion" dress by Charltina's.

Short, sassy and with a beautiful retro pattern, this sleeveless chiffon cocktail dress draws all our attention. At the top, I wear a stylish round hat with a metalic jewel and a feather, combined with "Briton College" hair by Vanity Hair, giving me a very chic look.
But "Circles of Illusion" gives you a lot of choices. You can wear the dress alone with a purse and create a more casual or formal look, or you can create this fabulous dramatic chic look. I combined the magnificent cocktail dress and hat with the amazing "Makeup 03" by ChicZafari, beautiful lipstick "Big Sexy Lips Red" by Oceane and "Luscious" eyelashes by Redgrave.
I finish this fantastic look with a very simple but pretty pair of bracelets "Kos Set Gold" by Glow, a superb manicure by Finesmith "Acid Nail Red" and with the very feminine "Stylus Platform XtremeHeel Black" heels by N-Core.

LM to Charltina's

Charltina's - Ballet

Inspired by the elegance, delicacy and feminism of ballet, "Ballet Overture White" is the name of this beautiful creation of Charltina's.

My look starts with a form-fitting bodice opened with straps in the back revealing my skin and it goes to a graceful flowing short skirt combined with beautiful snowflake patterned stockings and the elegant "Ballet Shoes (Pointed Toe Shoes) in olive" by Paneful Pickles.
At the top, rests on my shoulders, a magnificent piece composed by feathers and fabric flowers that "dance" around me as I gently walks through the runway. I combined this fabulous acessory with the delicate "Grace collar and earrings", jewellery set by Finesmith and with a pretty "Hair Knot" by Amacci.
I finish this gracious look with discrete "White Nails" by Veronica Wagstaff, Lazybum plain makeup "Black Swan/White Swan", Flamboyant "2012g4 Eyeliner", beautiful pink "Lipstick 01/ 04" by Ricielli and Redgrave's "Luscious" eyelashes.

LM to Charltina's

Thursday, October 25, 2012

[InMonster] Mokako

Beautiful dress by InMonster. Use it in any occasion, even for Halloween!!! =)


Mokako BY InMonster (dress, collar, mask and raven)


Ava's Halloween Stilletto Heel BY SD
Tres Jolie Baroque Hair BY Boudoir
Gaga Nails in black BY Urbanlutz Nails
Raven's Solo - lips BY Madrid Solo

Have a scary Halloween!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Runway Perfect Hunt 2012 - Style 2

The Runway Perfect Hunt items:

Wire female dress BY Bubble's Designs

Fusion snow hair BY Element Hair (EH)
Bette boom eyeshadow BY Oceane

Other items:

Sandals Nadia in silver satin BY KL
Lipstick 01/12 BY Ricielli