Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

SL Top Model Competition

Today, I want to share a bit of my experience on SL Top Model Competition, where I was the lucky winner. 
I wasnt going to join at first, because I was afraid that I couldn't keep up with the competition due to RL and also due to SL matters, but one of my dearest friends encouraged me and I couldn't turn my back to this challenge and I went ahead.
I really enjoyed it a lot even if I stressed a bit..But except that, I feel I've learn a bit more about myself... I mean, about what I really can do and how far I can go, and I gained a lot of self-confidence. I think that helped me a lot to win this competition, even if there were times that I thought that I could have done better but who doesn't have the same feeling? The experience in general was absolutely fabulous! The challenges, the themes given, the professionalism of everyone in the competition: staff, contestants. It was one of the best experiences on my SL.

1st phase - Submission picture

1st challenge - Spring 2014 - Inspired by Fátima Lopes
(non edited pictures)

2nd challenge - Mixture between Chanel and Amato Couture

3rd challenge - Steampunk (we only knew about the challenge 2 hours before the contest)

4th challenge - Express a feeling with poses - My option was Freedom

5th challenge - Marko Mitanosvki

6th and last challengse for the finals:

1st: Calvin Klein

2nd Haute Couture