Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Friday, March 28, 2014

LD - SAVIAD – Fiera Spring Fair – Reignbeux Sorbet

Here is another exclusive release for the Fiera Spring  Fashion Fair: Reignbeux Sorbet dress by the talented designer Blac Quartz, part of LD designing team.

This fabulous dress is available in 4 diferent colours/prints and is a must-have.
Aditional items:
Hair by Dura hair
Jewelery by Finesmith
Glasses by Izzie’s
Tota by Leverocci
Shoes by Leverocci

LD - SAVIAD – Fiera Spring Fair – Flowerbomb Suit

Oh my...*laughs* On my last post I thought I already blogged other LD exclusives for this specific fair, but it wasnt here. It was at LD blog...Sorry...

Ok, for those who havent heard of SAVIAD and the Fiera Spring Fashion Fair, let me say some quick words about them.
FIERA Spring Fashion Fair (15 – 31 March 2014) is organized by SAVIAD (Solidea Folies, Violator and AD creations) and features exclusive spring themed new releases from the BEST DESIGNERS on the Grid.
The LD designers have prepared some fabulous spring themed mini collections in honor of this event.
One example is the “Flowerbomb Suit” by Vikeejeah Xevion. This fabulous suit comes in two separated pieces, jacket and pants, and is available in 4 different prints.
Aditional items:
Shoes by Leverocci
Hair by BooN
Earings by Modern Couture

LD - Two Tones Top & Skirt - SAVIAD FIERA Spring Fashion Fair exclusive

On this post, I bring you another exclusive by Loovus Dzevavor, this time from  ParisLeShea Cerise, one of LD designers.

The ensemble is called Two Tones Top & Skirt and it is available at SAVIAD among with the other items of LD 3 mini-collections designed exclusively for Fiera Spring Fashion Fair.

Aditional items:
Hair by D!va
Earrings by Finesmith
Bracelet by Modern Couture
Sandals by Leverocci

LD - Poised Cardigan & Regal Trousers - Nyong'o Collection

Today I bring you some new releases from Loovus Dzevavor. This time is some items part of the Nyong'o Collection. This collection was inspired by Lupita Nyong'o, a Oscar winner and LD created a collection of 10 pieces for you to not miss.

My styling is a mix&match, they are separated pieces and they can be bought individualy. So, it is not a full outfit.
Im wearing "Poised Cardigan" and "Regal Trousers". I think the colours combine very well and I really love to have a plain fabric mixed with a patterned one.

Hope you like it!

Oh, I was almost forgetting. You can read a bit more about this collection at http://ldmajorloovusdzevavor.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/the-nyongo-collection/ and find it at LD temporary location. Here, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cicciottella/83/133/599

Aditional items:
Hair by BooN
Earrings by Pure Poison
Glasses by Izzie's
Sandals by Leverocci

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lyrical B!zarre - Alter MESH C/M - Fiera Spring Fashion Fair exclusive

And my last post, featuring Lyrical B!zarre. 
This is another exclusive for the Fiera Spring Fashion Fair. The name of this ensemble is "Alter" and comes with 2 skirts (one is an add-on), top, hat and bracelets.
It is a beautiful outfit and has this pretty details in the bottom of the long skirt. <3

I take this opportunity to say that all the designers that joined this fair were just FABULOUS!!! Unfortunately, I dont have the finantial resorces to buy at least one exclusive from each one of the designers, but I was there and I was amazed by their creativity and inspiration. 
So, a bit thank to them for making our SL so beautiful and inspiring. <3
AND a big THANK YOU to Loredana, the mesh designer and owner of Lyrical B!zarre for sending me and offering me the Fair exclusives. As well as a BIG THANK YOU to Warm, Ghee designer, and Beatrice, for sending me "Vivid Garden" gown and "B&W shimmer bloom" hat.<3

Limo for SAVIAD Fiera Spring Fashion Fair

Lyrical B!zarre - Devotion - Fiera Spring Fashion Fair exclusive

Here I am again, featuring Lyrical B!zarre. This time is "Devotion", this beautiful ensemble designed exclusively for SAVIAD Fiera Spring Fashion. It comes with 2 skirts (one is an add-on), top, jacket, hat and a bracelet (which cannot be seen in the pic..my bad..sorry...).

Limo for SAVIAD Fiera Spring Fashion Fair:

Aditional items:

Hair by D!va

Lyrical B!zarre - GHOST - Tiger Alley exclusive

In the continuation of my last post, Im presenting you GHOST, this amazing dress by Lyrical B!zarre. I just love, love, love it!!!
This awesome creation is available at SAVIAD, at the Tiger Alley, part of the Spring Fashion Fair. Lyrical B!zarre designed several exclusives for this event and after this post I will show you some more of this fabulous designer.

Here is the limo for the Tiger Alley

Aditional items:

Necklace by LaGyo

Ghee - Vivid Garden gown & B&W shimmer bloom hat - FIERA exclusives

Today is a day of several posts and exclusives. As you all probably know, the FIERA Spring Fashion Fair started on the 15th March and it will end on the 31st.
FIERA Spring Fashion Fair is organized by SAVIAD (Solidea Folies, Violator and AD creations) and will feature exclusive spring themed new releases from the BEST DESIGNERS on the Grid.
Today I start with Ghee, with the beautiful "Vivid Garden" gown and the "B&W shimmer bloom" hat, this last created by my dearest friend Beatrice Serendipity.
The dress is just gorgeous and I love the black and white mixture and the beautiful textures that make this gown. The hat, an amazing piece of art, fits perfectly the dress.

Here is the lim for the fair, cause Im telling you, you dont wanna miss it!

Aditional items:
Hair by Lelutka
Shoes by Leverocci