Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Modeling Resume

Im a creative and versatile person as well as hard working and responsible, and I take every challenge with all of my heart. I can feature different styles, whether is avant-garde, out-of-the-box, classic, casual, elegant and have the capability to work with every kind of models and designers.However, my essence lays upon the most extraordinary and exquisite fashion creations and thats why I love modeling.I love the bizarre and the unusual, and I want to make the difference in the fashion world by showing my irreverence and my creatively states of mind.

☑ Model for L'Amour Model Managemen
☑ Model for FMU (Fashion Modeling University)
☑ Model for Opium Evolution
☑ Model for Canary Fashion
☑ Model for Charltina's
☑ Model for Vero Modero
☑ Model for Asociacion de Modelos Hispanas
☑ Model for AIM (Amazing Impressions Modeling)
☑ Model for Black Poison☑ Model for Modanova
☑ Model for Finesmith
☑ Model for The Collective
☑ Model for aQuarela Models
☑ Model for NeXus Modeling University
☑ Model for SCALA

☑ Print Model for SL Fierce Magazine
☑ Print Model for {M.U.A.}
☑ Print Model for Blush Skins
☑ Print Model for The Fashion Teller
☑ Print Model for Castiel
☑ Print Model for Style Kingdom Magazine
☑ Print Model Versus
☑ Print Model for iNovare

☑ ♛ Miss Metaverse - Portugal 2013 ♛
☑ MISS V♛ Portugal 2014
☑ Miss Vero Modero 2014
☑ SL Top Model 2014

☑ Graduate From Avante Modelling Agency
☑ Graduate from Advanced Styling with L'Amour Model Management
☑ Graduate from FMU (Fashion Modeling University)
☑  Graduate from Advanced Course at Opium Evolution

Blogger for:☑ Loovus Dzevavor☑ {MUA}☑ Ghee☑ Finesmith

Designers worked with on Runway shows:  - DIRAM- Raindance Clothing- Eshi Otawara- NV Corsetry (Khurt Vharagon)- V3 Tattoo (Khurt Vharagon) - Freakshow Designs- Liv-Glam- Loovus Dzevavor- Style by Kira. Oceane- Blush Skins- ALB- Camilla's Designs- JK Styles- Vero Modero- Romance Couture- Lazuri- Kunglers- Countdown- LeezU- BSD Design Studio

2nd runner up - Avante Poses Contest
Semi-final - The Faces of October - 2012
2nd runner up - Voluptia " House of Glamour" Flickr contest - 2012
Winner of Evolve's August styling contest - 2012
Winner of SL Fierce Cover Contest - Halloween - 2012
Winner of L'Amour 2nd Pazzo Style Challenge - Urban Grunge
Winner of L'Amour 4th Pazzo Style Challenge - Crazy Christmas
1st runner up - The Face of October 2013
Winner of Sunshine styling contest - May 2013
Top 5 - Loovus Dzevavor Search Model 2013
1st Runner up - Sparkling Face of Champagne - July 2013
Winner fo Miss Vero Modero 2014
Finalist of Glam Girls 2013
2nd Runner up - Sparkling Face of Champagne - April 2014

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