Welcome, fashion curious!

Welcome, fashion curious!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Miss SL: first challenge: Why do you Relay For Life

Here I go again in a new adventure, full of challenges, fun and new things to learn with. I am representing my mother's birthday country, Angola and I am in an amazing group of ladies and each one of them started beautifully last saturday, 21st March.

Very quickly... Our challenge was to create a look based on our answer to: Why do I Relay for Life?

And here is my answer and the description of my look.

I relay for life in the loving memory of one of my grandmothers: she couldn't fight lung cancer and passed away 11 years ago. 

My look is in memory of my grandmother, who passed away of lung cancer. The Sunflower is a memory I keep from her and that memory became so important in my life that when I got married, instead of a bouquet, I hold a sunflower, so her memory could be present at that special day. For most of you what is going to be said might sound confusing, but this is the way I feel it: it doesnt matter the greatness of the sun or the short life of a sunflower. The point is, as the sunflower follows the sun during the day, I know my grandmother follows/is with me everywhere I go. 

Style card:
Dress: a gown of my own creation using full perms items from Lyrical Bizarre and Gaury
Top: my own creation
Headpiece: Sunflower hat by Chiczafari
Jewerly: Euridice all in one by Lazuri
Hair: DES423 by booN
Eye makeup: Shiny Stare by Blush
Lipstick: brightness 4 (recoloured) part of Cinnia skin by Deetalez
Lips gloss: Gloss by Deetalez

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